Jack Stands - iTOOLco Real Jacks in the field for wire pulling

iTOOLco Job Site Photos: Wire Pulling Prep

Preparing for wire pulling, iTOOLco Real Jacks jack stands, Real Tender rope tender, and Real Spool are on stand by and ready to help make this wire pull a faster, safer workspace.

Real Jacks are innovative jack stands featuring four 20,000 lb. sealed bearings that capture the axle. Real Jacks prevent reels from traveling during a wire pull — and best of all they won’t tip over.

The iTOOLco Real Tender is a smarter rope tender.  Light and maneuverable, it’s easy for one person to set up and transport. It can also be used horizontally or vertically making it flexible on the job.

Our Real Spool is a lightweight steel spool for pulling and managing rope.  Made from US 14 gauge steel, it holds up to 300 lb and won’t splinter or fall apart.

Jack Stands - iTOOLco Real Jacks in the field for wire pulling

iTOOLco Real Jacks – jack stands with a closed arbor.






Rope tender - the iTOOLco Real Tender on the jobsite for a wire pull

iTOOLco Real Tender and Real Spool.



The Connection July 2017 Kendall Electric - iTOOLco Article - Cover

iTOOLco Featured in “The Connection” Newsletter by Kendall Electric

A special thanks to Kendall Electric for this recent feature in The Connection newsletter.  It’s an honor to be showcased by such a great electrical distributor.  If you’re looking for iTOOLco product in Alabama, Georgia, Indiana, Michigan, or Tennessee, Kendall Electric carries our complete line of innovative tools.

Read the full article:

The Connection July 2017 Kendall Electric - iTOOLco Article_Page_1-smallThe Connection July 2017 Kendall Electric - iTOOLco Article


iTOOLco Revolutionizes Wire Pulling

When it comes to innovation, there’s saying and there’s doing. iTOOLco “does”.

More than ever, electrical contractors are looking to increase safety, save time, minimize worker effort, and improve results on the job. The best contractors turn to tools like ours to help achieve those objectives. Born from our unique understanding of electrical contractor needs, iTOOLco’s trailblazing products deliver measurable advantages on every job.

Because our innovators have real world experience as electrical contractors, we build on-the-job expertise into every product we develop.
That’s how we revolutionized wire pulling with the invention of our two world-class wire pullers – the Cannon 10K and the Cannon 6K. Both have
patented dual capstans with two speed motors offering users any of four different speeds to match the pull conditions. Easy transportation around jobsites and intuitive set-up, combined with many other features, have made these the fastest growing wire pullers in North America.

We didn’t stop with the creation of wire pullers. Our complete pulling system tools span the full range of job site tasks and solve complex challenges. From cable pulling and material handling to crimping and holemaking, we offer a full range of extraordinary tools – all designed by electricians for electricians. Our jacks, cable tray rollers, material carts, assortment of ropes, gear punch, crimps, and accessories help contractors work smarter.

We always use first-class materials and many of our products are proudly made right here in the U.S.A. with global components. iTOOLco’s wire pullers and tools are notable for extreme durability and ergonomic functionality because we scrutinize every minute nuance of design. Then every iTOOLco product is beta tested by trusted professionals who con􀂿rm the industry need and potential for success. The result? Safer and lighter tools that are more powerful and get the job done right. iTOOLco’s industry leading products and its unmatched

The result? Safer and lighter tools that are more powerful and get the job done right. iTOOLco’s industry leading products and its unmatched six year warranty have quickly made iTOOLco a contractor favorite. Our innovative tools are available through Kendall Electric. Please visit our website or contact your Account Manager for more information.

By: Mike Jordan, Executive Vice President, iTOOLco
Submitted By: Brian Thiel – Marketing Manager – The Kendall Group – Portage, MI

Bolt-on Wire Bar for MC Cart

iTOOLco Launches Innovative New MC Cart™ for Transporting MC Cable Quickly and Safely

KNOXVILLE, TN. (September 15, 2016) – iTOOLco, a leading developer of products that increase safety, save time, lower worker effort, and improve results for hard- working contractors and the professionals they employ, is pleased to announce the launch of the MC Cart™. The MC Cart is a revolutionary new cart designed to transport up to two 1000’ spools and one 250’ coil of MC Cable quickly at one time (as sold).

Strong yet lightweight, the MC Cart makes it possible for electricians to rough-in an entire suite using only a single cart to transport the wire required. All-welded steel construction, the MC Cart won’t tip over and glides effortlessly around jobsites on heavy-duty wheels.  With a unique front-loading carriage, the MC Cart eliminates the need to lift heavy spools. Loading two 1000’ spools is as easy as tipping the MC Cart forward and rolling the spools into the axle saddle.

A 250’ coil of MC Cable slides easily onto the cart using the Cable Mate™ — an accessory that comes with the MC Cart.  The Cable Mate keeps the coil neat and untangled. Swiveling smoothly on the Bolt-on Wire Bar, the Cable Mate improves the pre-fab process and is perfect for service trucks. The MC Cart can hold a total of seven coils of wire with the purchase of an additional Bolt-on Wire Bar and six additional Cable Mates.

“Responding to the safety needs of our customers, we designed the MC Cart to ensure safe mobility of MC Cable without heavy lifting or the fear of tipping.” said David Jordan, President at iTOOLco. “The new MC Cart delivers superior maneuverability and durability — as well as the performance our customers have come to expect from iTOOLco.”

The MC Cart also has a flexible configuration with interchangeable components. The Bolt-on Wire Bar can hold two 12-1/2″ spools and like the Cable Mate, one Bolt-on Wire Bar is included with the MC Cart.  Additional Cable Mates and Bolt-on Wire Bars can be purchased separately to deliver the ultimate flexibility on the jobsite.

MC Cart Specifications

Dimensions: 46″H x 31-1/2″W x 26″L

Dimensions: 46″H x 31-1/2″W x 26″L

Weight: 67 lb. (as shown)


– Maximum Spool Size: 24″dia. x 28″W

– Maximum Load: 300 lb.

– Cable Mate Accepts Coil Sizes:  7-1/2″ID X 16″OD


(1) Cable Mate (MCA01): 11″L x 16″H x 2-1/4″W

(1) Bolt-on Wire Bar (MCA02)


About iTOOLco

Invented by Electricians for Electricians. For many years, iTOOLco has been improving the work lives of electrical contractors through our innovative products. Our primary focus is developing products that increase safety, save time, lower worker effort, and improve results for hard-working contractors and the professionals they employ. iTOOLco’s ingenious tooling delivers “measurable advantages” and brings innovation to your job site. Visit




3 Ways to Improve Safety While Moving Heavy Spools


Every electrical contractor knows safety is a primary concern when moving heavy spools around the construction job site.  Wire pulls can go horribly wrong if proper planning and preparation isn’t done ahead of time and if precautions aren’t taken on the job.

As former electrical contractors, we have experience handling heavy spools. We’re in the field daily meeting with electricians and contractors.  We’ve seen a lot of examples of the right and wrong ways to handle wire and offer these tips for safely managing spools over 5,000 lbs.


Do not try to roll the spool on an uneven surface.  The spool could start to roll and at 5,000 lbs. could get away from you causing damage or injury.


Securing the spool with a wedge will prevent it from moving or rolling away from you.


Forklifts or cranes are the safest way to transport wire to and on the job. Properly sized jacks are critical for ensuring heavy spools don’t break loose and cause injury.

You can reduce the likelihood of job site accidents by taking a few precautions. If you’re looking for a jack that can make easy work of managing large wire spools, we invite you to check out iTOOLco’s Real Big Jacks™.  Solving many problems associated with handling heavy spools, Real Big Jacks feature fork slots for easy lifting and movement about the site and can accommodate up to an 8′ tall 6′ wide spool weighing 20,000 lbs.

Real Big Jacks feature a uniquely patent pending design that allows even these heavy spools to spin easily without the aid of a power feeding unit. Whether you are feeding high voltage cable or pulling wire in cable tray, iTOOLco Real Big Jacks can solve many job site problems.

Questions?  Call us at 865-670-3713.

Don't Lose Money on Material Handling

Losing Money on Material Handling?

Don't Lose Money on Material Handling

It is estimated that up to 80% of labor on an electrical construction job site is spent on material handling and yet many contractors fail to account for this time in their bids.

To prevent lost revenue, be sure to include labor units for the following when you are preparing your next bid:

Handling Rough-in Materials

Getting pipe, boxes, fittings, and light fixtures to the job site takes up precious time.


To cut down on congestion, larger cities often require scheduled deliveries of materials to the construction trailer – adding headache and taking time away from an already rushed job.

Locating Stored Materials

A disorganized storage location can cause hours of unnecessary searching for materials and in worst case scenarios can require duplicate orders of materials if supplies go undiscovered.

Transporting Materials to Point of Installation

Many construction sites are large and busy with activity. Getting materials from the storage center to the point of installation is time that should be accounted for.

Unboxing or Staging Material

Getting materials out of the original packaging and onto carts is time-consuming.

Waste Removal

Proper disposal of used shipping containers, empty spools, and other trash should also be accounted for.

Another tip for saving time and money is using the iTOOLco Freedom Cart, which was designed specifically to cut some of these material handling costs. Whether your application is prefabbing or on the job site, the Freedom Cart is a multipurpose cart that satisfies many needs.

  • Equipped with 6 sturdy shelves allowing the electrician to be organized.
  • Boxes on one shelf, 1/2″ material on another, 3/4″ on another, 1″ on another and so on.
  • The lower uprights on the cart allow for storage of strut and pipe.
  • Once rough-in is complete and you need to start pulling branch circuits, simply fold the shelves up and the Freedom Cart will accept 18 2500′ spools and 36 500′ spools.
  • The Freedom Cart holds boxes of wire such as data wire and low voltage.
  • The Freedom Cart will also fit through a 30″ doorway when loaded.

Questions?  Call us at 865-670-3713.



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