About iToolCo

iTOOLco is a unique research and development company that has led the electrical tool industry with their groundbreaking designs since 2001. iTOOLco inventors have developed and patented over 25 successful products, many of which have been top sellers, in addition to winning many prestigious awards, including numerous NECA Showstopper Awards.

With real world experience as electrical contractors, iTOOLco has a deep understanding of the kind of quality, time-saving tools electricians really need. Many of iTOOLco’s products are proudly made right here in the U.S.A. with global components, under the close supervision of experienced professionals, ensuring an unsurpassed level of quality and durability in each product shipped.

Our Patent Portfolio

Our intellectual property is one of the most valuable assets we have. Our inventions and ideas are the culmination of many years of innovation, experimentation and hard work made possible through significant financial investment. The lengths we go to protect our intellectual property ensure that we will be able to continue delivering valuable, transformative solutions for years to come.

What’s in our patent portfolio?

Product #

Product Description

US Patent #

AJ01 All Jack Patent Pending
ATR Adjustable Tray Roller Patent Pending
CM2P Cable Mate 2-Pack™ Patent Pending
C12K Cannon 12K™ Wire Puller US 9172224 B2
C10K Cannon 10K™ Wire Puller US 9172224 B2
C6K Cannon 6K™ Wire Puller US 9172224 B2
UP6K Adjustable Tray Roller US 9172224 B2
CM3K Cordless Utility Puller 3K™ Patentend/ Patent Pending
UPM3K Cordless Utility Puller 3K™ Patent Pending
FWC01 Flex Wire Cart Patent Pending
FC100 Freedom Cart™ US D781080s
GRD01 Freedom Cart™ Patent Pending
HS243 Ground Rod Dawg™ Patent Pending
HDPC01 Hanging Sheave Patent Pending
MC300 Heavy Duty Pipe Cart Patent Pending
MHA1 MC Cart™ Patent Pending
MR Manhole Adapter™ Patent Pending
ATR Multi-Roller Hanger™ Patent Pending