Real Axles™

iTOOLco’s Real Axles are the industry’s best axles for wire pulling jobs.  With high chromium content, Real Axles are durable and work perfectly our innovative Real Jacks and Real Big Jacks.




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Real Axles

Product Number Description Specifications
AX03 5′ Real Axle 2-3/4″O.D., 89.5 lb. 6000 lb. rated
AX02 6′ Real Axle 2-3/4″O.D., 108 lb. 6000 lb. rated
AXS01 6′ Real Solid Axle 1-1/2″O.D., 44 lb. 3000 lb. rated
AX04 7′ Real Big Jack Axle 3″O.D., 1.5″I.D., 126 lb. 12,000 lb. rated
AX05 Custom Length TBD
AX07 Custom Length TBD
Real Big Jacks™ Expansion & Axle Kit  

Includes 72” inner telescoping tube to extend the RBJ20K open to a 90” opening between upright carriages (Max spool width 88”)

RBJAO1 (Sold Separately as Kit Only) 10’ Solid axle 3” OD with an eye bolt for pulling the axle through the large spool, 357 lb. – 20,000 lb. rated
Set of (2) Axle Collars



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