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  • Bolt-on Wire Bar for MC CartBolt-on Wire Bar for MC Cart

    Bolt-on Wire Bar for MC Cart

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    The iTOOLco Bolt-on-Wire Bar™ was designed to fit on the MC Cart™, and hold the Cable Mate to prevent tangling MC coil and wire.  It also fits our Freedom Cart™.

    • Compatible with most wire carts
    • All-steel construction
    • Holds one 250′ coil of MC
    • Perfect for service trucks
    • Improves prefab process
    • Commercial or residential uses
    • Capable of holding hold:
      • (2) 250′ coil of MC (in conjunction with the Cable Mates)
      • (2) 12-1/2″ spools
      • (1) each of 250′ MC Coil and 12-1/2″ spool
  • Cable Mate 2-Pack™

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    1. Cable Mate™Cable Mate™

      Cable Mate™

      5.00 out of 5

      The iTOOLco Cable Mate™ transports one 250′ coil of MC quickly and easily. Designed to fit on the MC Cart™, the Cable Mate prevents tangling and loads and unloads effortlessly.  It swivels smoothly on the MC Cart Bolt-on Wire Bar™ and also fits out Freedom Cart.

      • Compatible with most wire carts
      • All-steel construction
      • Holds one 250′ coil of MC
      • Perfect for service trucks
      • Improves prefab process
      • Commercial or residential use
    2. iTOOLco Flex Wire CartiTOOLco Flex Wire Cart

      Flex Wire Cart

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      1. Freedom Cart™

        Freedom Cart™

        5.00 out of 5

        Keeping materials organized on the job is always a challenge.  Solving this common need, iTOOLco’s Freedom Cart™ – a material handling cart two years in design and testing – keeps valuable wire and materials organized, visible, free of damage, ready for use, and makes for easy transporting anywhere. Constructed of top grade steel, wheels, and powder coating, the Freedom Cart is built for years of flawless service. The six shelves fold up or stay down, and adjust up and down for spacing in countless configurations. In addition, there are 18 spool axles and a lower pipe rack. Perfect for roughing-in or for any phase of the job, from start to finish. The shelves hold up to 36 wire packs or data boxes. The axles carry up to 36/each of 500’ wire spools, or 18/each of 2500’ wires spools, and a load of pipe, strut, and threaded rod.

      2. Ground Rod Dawg ground rod driver

        Ground Rod Dawg™

        5.00 out of 5

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        1. Jack Rack™Jack Rack™

          Jack Rack™ for iTOOLco Real Jacks

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          Transport multiple sets of Real Jacks jack stands & Real Axles easily.

          • Transport 5 Sets of Jacks and Axles at Once
          • Fits Through 30″ Doorways
          • Made From Sturdy US Steel
          • Convenient Fixed Handle for Hand Trucking About The Job Site
          • Heavy Duty Caster with Brakes
        2. Bolt-on Wire Bar for MC CartMC Cart™

          MC Cart™

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          The MC Cart is a revolutionary new cable cart designed to transport up to two 1000’ spools and one 250’ coil of MC Cable quickly at one time (as sold). Strong yet lightweight, the MC Cart makes it possible for electricians to rough-in an entire suite using only a single cart to transport the wire required.  All-welded steel construction, the MC Cart won’t tip over and glides effortlessly around jobsites on heavy-duty wheels.  With a unique front-loading carriage, the MC Cart eliminates the need to lift heavy spools. Loading two 1000’ spools is as easy as tipping the MC Cart forward and rolling the spools into the axle saddle.

          • Fits through the 32″ doorways when loaded
          • Transports coils or spools quickly and easily
          • Cable Mate holds one 250′ coil of MC
          • Loads with ease. Simply tip forward
          • Heavy-duty wheels glide smoothly on rough surfaces
          • All-welded steel construction
          • Flexible configuration is interchangeable and can hold:
            • Two 1000′ spools of MC*
            • One 250′ coil of MC*
            • Four 500′ spools of #12 wire
            • Two 2500′ spools of #10 and/or #12 wire
            • Wire Bar can hold two 12-1/2″ spools
          • Expandable with additional Cable Mates and Bolt-on Wire Bars
          • Vertical or horizontal set-up saves space
        3. Pipe and Prefab CartPipe and Prefab Cart

          Pipe & Prefab Cart™

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          The Pipe & Pre-fab Cart™ is great for all your pre-fab and material handling needs. The unique customizable design allows for ultimate flexibility to match the requirements of your job. Easily stackable, the Pipe & Pre-fab Cart™ features two top mount pockets for in line or side lifting of the loaded cart into trucks, through doors, and onto docks or upper levels.

          • Upper forklift pockets are positionable in line or parallel to forklift
          • Adjustable Outrigger feet allow for quick and easy stacking
          • Pop-pin base makes it easy to collapse and store
          • Lower forklift pockets create quick and easy jobsite mobility

          Patent Pending

        4. Real Axles™Real Axles™

          Real Axles™

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          iTOOLco’s Real Axles are the industry’s best axles for wire pulling jobs.  With high chromium content, Real Axles are durable and work perfectly our innovative Real Jacks and Real Big Jacks.




        5. Real Big Jacks™ Jack StandsReal Big Jacks™ Jack Stands

          Real Big Jacks™ Jack Stands

          5.00 out of 5

          Real Big Jacks™ jack stands are an innovative way to transport and feed heavy spools of wire.

          • Holds up to 20,000 lb.
          • Made From US Steel
          • Axle Rides on 4 Large Bearing-ed Rollers
          • Feed From your Own Trailer
          • Transport Spools up to 10,000 lb. Without a Fork Lift (20,000 lb. with a fork lift)
          • Telescoping to Fit Different Width Spools
          • Load and Reload Without a Forklift
          • Easily Maneuver Spools Into Position

          Axles sold separately.

        6. Real Jacks™ Jack Stands

          Real Jacks™ Jack Stands

          5.00 out of 5

          iTOOLco’s Real Jacks make wire pulls run smooth and easy.  These innovative reel jack stands have four 20,000 lb. sealed bearings that capture the axle to prevent reels from traveling during the pull.  Best of all iTOOLco Real Jacks won’t tip over.

          • Closed head traps axle prevents it from falling out or traveling horizontally
          • Separate sides can be used safely on uneven ground
          • Won’t tip over
          • Store and transport Real Jacks right on the iTOOLco Real Tender or iTOOLco Jack Rack
          • Can be used with 22″ to 66″ spools
          • Fits Wemco reels
          • Easy to carry at 35 lbs. per side
          • Can be used with our axle, a 1.5″ solid or a 2″ rigid pipe
          • Set up in less than 1 minute
          • Four 20,000 lb. rated bearings make wire pulling smooth and easy
          • No drills or extra tools needed


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