Cordless Cannon 3K™


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    Speed, versatility, and performance are all yours with iTOOLcoʼs Cordless Cannon 3K™. This portable 3,000 lb. puller is intuitively designed to handle all of your day-to-day wire pulls.

    The built-in capstan switch automatically turns the puller on and off. Simply tug on the rope to start the pull and slack off the rope to shut it down. Delivers dynamic performance in remote locations or areas where power is not yet available.

    The high-capacity rechargeable battery is long-lasting and delivers maximum power. The Cannon 3K™ will even chew through a medium size run of 4 – 350 in 3” conduit with 4 – 90s 220ʼ long in record time and still have half the battery life for your next pull.

    Cordless Cannon 3K™

    Product Number Description Specifications
    CM3K Cordless Cannon 3K™
    Includes (CM3K-1 & C3KAP)
    27”L x 36”W x 83-1/2”H (Collapsed)
    27”L x 36”W x 113-1/2”H (Extended)
    137 lb. (3,000 lb. Load Capacity)
    CM3K-1 Cordless Milwaukee 3K Puller Unit
    (Includes Wire Puller, Two Batteries, & Battery charger)
    27”L x 36”W x 83-1/2”H (Collapsed)
    27”L x 36”W x 113-1/2”H (Extended)
    137 lb. (3,000 lb. Load Capacity)
    C3KAP Adapters + Extension Accessory Pack
    (Cart & Extension Only)
    17”L x 12-1/2”W x 35-1/2”H (Collapsed)
    27 lb.

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    1. 5 out of 5

      So we bought this puller to pull in soda line bundles with a diameter anywhere from 3″-4″. We average 200′ line runs and sometimes have difficulty pulling through the pull rope. With this system and the pull slick rope we were able to pull in the lines in about 10-15 minutes compared to 2-3 hours with 3-4 techs. This tool has great battery life, and I would recommend it to anyone pulling in lines.

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