Preparing for wire pulling, iTOOLco Real Jacks jack stands, Real Tender rope tender, and Real Spool are on stand by and ready to help make this wire pull a faster, safer workspace.

Real Jacks are innovative jack stands featuring four 20,000 lb. sealed bearings that capture the axle. Real Jacks prevent reels from traveling during a wire pull — and best of all they won’t tip over.

The iTOOLco Real Tender is a smarter rope tender.  Light and maneuverable, it’s easy for one person to set up and transport. It can also be used horizontally or vertically making it flexible on the job.

Our Real Spool is a lightweight steel spool for pulling and managing rope.  Made from US 14 gauge steel, it holds up to 300 lb and won’t splinter or fall apart.

Jack Stands - iTOOLco Real Jacks in the field for wire pulling

iTOOLco Real Jacks – jack stands with a closed arbor.

Rope tender - the iTOOLco Real Tender on the jobsite for a wire pull

iTOOLco Real Tender and Real Spool.