Cannon 10K™ Wire Puller

iTOOLco’s Cannon 10K* is the fastest and strongest wire puller available. This versatile cable puller is easy to maneuver, and can be changed quickly from side pulls to overhead or underground. The Cannon 10K is the only 10,000 lb. wire puller that can be attached to the receiver hitch on a truck.

  • 4 Speed dual capstan
  • 9′ & 18′ (per min.) on low speed, 20′ & 40′ on high speed
  • Self-contained – ready to pull
  • Quickly change from side pull to overhead, underground or truck hitch
  • No gang box of parts
  • Adjustable counter-balance for easy setup and a 15 lb. working weight
  • Pulls out 13 feet of extra wire
  • Universal adapter – the universal adapter sits on the conduit lock nut, fits a wide range of sizes, and often eliminates the need to use the conduit adapters on lighter pull
  • No anchoring required
  • Easily maneuvers into tight spaces

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Product Number: C10K.2

Length (fully extended): 10’6″

Width: 30″

Weight: 308 lb.

Pulling rope minimum average breaking strength 15,000 lb.

Recommended pulling rope size 5/8″ or larger


  • Cannon 10K™ wire puller (with a total weight of 308 lb.)
  • Universal adapter – for loads under 5,000 lb.
  • 5 Conduit adapters sizes 2″ through 4″ (5″ & 6″ available)
  • Powered by a 20 amp, 2 speed coring motor with built-in slip clutch (6-year factory warranty on motor)
  • Foot switch (UL listed)

Patented US 9172224 B2


  1. 5 out of 5

    We bought your Cannon 1OK puller today and it was amazing! It was easy to use, easy to set up and very fast in pulling the wire we had to pull. We were able to pull 10 runs 305 feet of 600 MCM in nine minutes a pull. Needless to say we were very impressed and we purchased the entire set up, Puller, Pull Slick, Rope Tender and the Real Jacks. Thanks for setting us up with the equipment we greatly appreciate it.
    P.S. We also bought the Cannon 6k tugger.
    Jordan Clark
    Enterprise Electric
    Boon Iowa

  2. 5 out of 5

    I was very impressed with the speed and versatility that the /Too/Co pulling equipment provided for my crew and I. We were able to condense a 2.5 week schedule down to 6 days with 3 Jess men due to being able to set our pulls up quicker, easier; and safer. We eliminated the need for any rigging or anchoring of our equipment, which results in much faster and safer setup and breakdown. I am looking forward to pulling out more of my jobs with these tools!
    Jason Evans
    Job Forman
    Berg Electric
    Corona CA

  3. 5 out of 5

    We own the iTOOLco 10k and 6K pullers, Jack stands and Knock Out tools. The customer service is fantastic, and these tools make us a lot of money I recommend you get them too.
    Anthony Citriano
    Light Speed Electric
    Hackensack, NJ

  4. 5 out of 5

    We had 5 parallel runs of 500 MCM, 540 feet long to pull, and we got them all pulled in about 7 hours. Made a profit of about $4800 the first day using the iTOOL pulling system. We now own about 8 of the 10K pullers and 3 of the smaller 6k tuggers, as well as the 12 sets of the Real Jacks for feeding wire.

    Kenny Cole Superintendent
    lnglett Stubbs Electical Construction
    Mablelton, GA

  5. 5 out of 5

    Overall I was very impressed with the configuration, maneuverability, and power of this unit the several days that I was personally involved with its operation. We pulled everything from 1/0 15KV cable to 600MCM aluminum in various lengths from 100′ to 400′. The entire time I did not ever witness this unit even break a sweat all the while taking less time to set up and tear down between pulls. In one situation I actually brought this machine in to finish a run we started with a competitors 6K unit when the unit stalled and would not pull the feeder anymore. We were afraid that we were going to have to pull it back out and start over. From the time I took the iTOOL Cannon 1OK unit off the truck and set it up on the feeder was 10 min or less. Keep in mind that this was a crew that had never seen this piece of equipment so some of that time was explaining to them how to set it up. The iTOOL 10K unit walked the balance of that pull (4-600 MCM AL 400′ long) and 4 additional parallel sets in a day. Based on the run, my experience in the field and as an estimator told me it was going to take 2 with the equipment we had been utilizing. Again, this unit did not even break a sweat When I came back the following day to load it back on the truck and take it back I can honestly say that my foreman and feeder crew were less than happy to see it go. This is a professional quality tool that has obviously been designed and constructed by someone who has done the job.
    Benfield Electric Co., Inc.
    Patrick Newton
    Project Executive.

  6. 5 out of 5

    I would like to thank our distributor sales rep, Ryan Bitter and Walters Wholesale Electric for delivering an iTOOLco Cannon 10K wire pulling device to CSI electric.

    We had the opportunity to use the Cannon 10K iTOOLco at Kaiser Regional Reference Lab (250,000 sq ft.) in Chino California. Our experience with pulling feeders, 1/0-600MCM, into long conduit runs (200′-600′), tight spots, congested areas, multiple levels and numerous unforeseen issues and obstacles was amazing. We saved copious amounts of time and energy having this tool. The wire puller is compact (no special boxes for adapters or miscellaneous parts and pieces) and very easy to maneuver. It is also very fast when it comes to the set-up and breakdown processes. The pulling torque is incredible and there was never an issue with stress on the machine no matter what size wire was being pulled and the distance of the pull.

    In the future, I would highly recommend the iTOOLco Cannon 1OK. It’s the best wire puller that I have had the experience to use and am looking forward to using it on all of my future projects.

    Michael Ivy, Superintendent
    CSI Electrical Contractors

  7. My crew installed all the temporary power at the new Dallas Cowboys practice facility in Frisco, Texas. We pulled from our distribution trailer to one of the tower cranes. Each pull was 1600′ of four-conductor 750 MCM. The Cannon 10K wire puller made our task very simple. It took longer to pull the string and rope in than it did to pull in the actual feeder wire.

    It’s the best puller I’ve ever used.

    Chris Holden
    Project Superintendent
    Petri Electric

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