Material Management System

Poduct Number: Various Part Numbers Depending On Desired Cart Setup.

One cart with unlimited solutions, iTOOLco’s new Material Management System will handle a wide range of material. The innovative base design allows contractors to simply swap out upright brackets to accommodate anything from bundles of unistrut, to master bundles of 4″ pipe, to a customized pipe tree setup. This stackable space saving design results in fewer individual carts being needed throughout the construction process. Another unique feature of the Material Management System is the ability to couple the carts together to accommodate longer materials such as 20′ lengths of pipe, prefabricated racking or even bundles of cable tray. When coupled together, the cart offers a “360 degree easy pivot” whereby the coupled carts pivot on the center wheels making turning longer material a snap. In addition, the cart’s wheels can fold up prior to transport so the load sits directly on the deck of a transportation vehicle for a much more stable and safe ride. Finally, unloading and loading the carts is a breeze with the built in fork pockets.

Interested? Pull up the cut sheet below to get a good idea of the cart you want, then contact us at to let us help build & quote your cart.  






Material Management System



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