• PPE Stand

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    1. Real Axles™Real Axles™

      Real Axles™

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      iTOOLco’s Real Axles are the industry’s best axles for wire pulling jobs.  With high chromium content, Real Axles are durable and work perfectly our innovative Real Jacks and Real Big Jacks.




    2. Real Big Jacks™ Jack StandsReal Big Jacks™ Jack Stands

      Real Big Jacks™ Jack Stands

      5.00 out of 5

      Real Big Jacks™ jack stands are an innovative way to transport and feed heavy spools of wire.

      • Holds up to 20,000 lb.
      • Made From US Steel
      • Axle Rides on 4 Large Bearing-ed Rollers
      • Feed From your Own Trailer
      • Transport Spools up to 10,000 lb. Without a Fork Lift (20,000 lb. with a fork lift)
      • Telescoping to Fit Different Width Spools
      • Load and Reload Without a Forklift
      • Easily Maneuver Spools Into Position

      Axles sold separately.

    3. Real Jacks™ Jack Stands

      Real Jacks™ Jack Stands

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      iTOOLco’s Real Jacks make wire pulls run smooth and easy.  These innovative reel jack stands have four 20,000 lb. sealed bearings that capture the axle to prevent reels from traveling during the pull.  Best of all iTOOLco Real Jacks won’t tip over.

      • Closed head traps axle prevents it from falling out or traveling horizontally
      • Separate sides can be used safely on uneven ground
      • Won’t tip over
      • Store and transport Real Jacks right on the iTOOLco Real Tender or iTOOLco Jack Rack
      • Can be used with 22″ to 66″ spools
      • Fits Wemco reels
      • Easy to carry at 35 lbs. per side
      • Can be used with our axle, a 1.5″ solid or a 2″ rigid pipe
      • Set up in less than 1 minute
      • Four 20,000 lb. rated bearings make wire pulling smooth and easy
      • No drills or extra tools needed
    4. Real Pallet Jack™

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      1. Real Spool™Real Spool on an iTOOLco Real Tender

        Real Spool™

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        The iTOOLCo Real Spool is an innovative lightweight steel spool for pulling ropes.

        • Holds up to 300 Lbs
        • Made from US 14 gauge steel
        • Stronger than wood spools
        • Won’t splinter and fall apart
        • Works great with iTOOLco Real Tender™
        • Works great with iTOOLco Pull Slick™ wire pulling rope



      2. Real Tender™Real Tender™

        Real Tender™ rope tender

        5.00 out of 5

        The iTOOLco Real Tender is a smarter rope tender.  Light and maneuverable, it’s easy for one person to set up and transport. It can also be used horizontally or vertically making it flexible on the job.

        • Saves time
        • Crank handle for faster re-spooling
        • Prevents injuries from lifting and handling rope
        • No more lifting heavy wire spools
        • Axle-less technology
        • Multidirectional
        • Rolls over rough terrain on job site
        • Keeps expensive rope high & dry

      3. Roll Jacks 3072Roll Jacks 3072

        Roll Jacks 3072™

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        1. Spool Picking BoomSpool Picking Boom

          Spool Picking Boom™

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          Safely haul heavy spools of conductors without ever coming into contact with the wire. iTOOLcoʼs Spool Picking Boom™ carries bulky spools and enables you to pick and place wire spools quickly and prevents damage to expensive wire inventory.


          Designed to minimize risk of injuries that can occur when attempting to stock or un-stock wire spools, the Spool Picking Boom features two jumbo picking hooks that lift the wire from the axle. With adjustable reach, these dual picking points on both sides of the spool mean you can pick and place spools at nesting positions up to 60” deep in the rack. Heavier loads are easily handled by moving the hooks closer to the forklift to leverage stability.

        2. iTOOLco Tool CraneiTOOLco Tool Crane

          Tool Crane™

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          1. Visual Material Center Material Handling CartVisual Material Center Material Handling Cart

            Visual Material Center™

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