• All Jack – the ultimate solution for installing pipe, lights, cabinets, dry wall and much more.

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    1. HandlesHandles

      Cable Puller & Jack Handles

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      iTOOLco carries replacement handles for cable pullers –  Cannon 6K , Cannon 10K – and Real Jacks.

    2. Cord Adapter

      Cord Adapter

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    3. Extension Cords

      Extension Cords

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      • Heavy duty type 12/3 SJWT
      • 15amp-125volt
      • -40 degree cold weather jacket
      • Water & flame resistant
      • Lighted indicator plug glows when the cord has power
      • Meets OSHA specifications
      • UL Listed

    4. Flashlight


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      With a bright LED light to illuminate dark areas, iTOOLco's flashlight makes it easy to see what you're doing and the small size makes it easy to carry with you at all times.

      • Long-life LED light source
      • Compact size
      • Rugged all-weather design

    5. Foot SwitchFoot Switch

      Foot Switch

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      iTOOLco’s wire puller 20 amp Foot Switch is compatible with the Cannon 6K and the Cannon 10K.

    6. Force Gauge for Cannon 10K™

      Force Gauges

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    7. Hitch PinsHitch Pins

      Hitch Pins for Cable Pullers

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      Hitch pins for iTOOLco cable pullers (Cannon 6K and Cannon 10K) and tools

    8. Tripod for Cannon 6K™Tripod for Cannon 6K™

      Tripod for Cannon 6K™ Wire Puller

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