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    The iTOOLco Tool Crane™ is an ergonomic tool handling solution that increases both productivity and employee safety. It operates
    in tight spaces to position heavy tools and the gas shocks provide 15 lb. of weight assistance for any mounted tool – significantly lowering the tool’s required working weight and diminishing worker fatigue. The Tool Crane™ is built for versatility and features 360˚ motion, multiple mounting options, and countless reach possibilities.

    • Crane handle for easy positioning
    • Gas shock assist parallel articulating joints make your tool zero gravity
    • Pivoting arm extension allows for precise positioning of tool
    • Tool hanging mount fits a variety of tools
    • 360˚ X-Y-Z axis mounting capability for universal applications
    • Perfect for hand tools weighing up to 25 lb.

    Tool Crane™  for easy handling of heavy hand tools

    Product Number Description Specifications
    TC2515 Tool Crane™ 69-1/2”L x 7”W x 40”H (extended)

    18”L x 7’W x 40”H (collapsed)

    37 lb.

    Frame Capacity: Will support tools up to 25 lb.

    TB-620 Tool Crane™ Panel Mount Kit  

    2”W x 25”L Perforated Tubing

    7 lb.

    Patent Pending

    1 review for Tool Crane™

    1. 5 out of 5

      We had over a thousand terminations to do at a data center. The Tool Crane was the perfect tool for the job. I usually dread that part of the job because the tools are so heavy and hard to maneuver. We terminated the entire job in about half the time!

      Will Humbard

    2. 5 out of 5

      This has completely changed the pipe demo work that we do. What used to be a 2 and 3 man job can now, in most cases, be performed by a single man because it gives him/her another set of hands to help maintain the pieces as they are removed. It’s equally important for the install as well. When I first saw this, I had a moment of disbelief because why hadnt something so useful been utilized like this before. Simply Amazing in every aspect.

      • Thank you Casey! We are so pleased you’re having success and saving $$ with our Tool Crane!

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