Micro Duct Pulling Carrots

Poduct Number: DPC-4-8, DPC-8-13, DPC-12-15, DPC-14-20

Install iTOOLco’s new Microduct Pulling Carrots in record time.
The unique hex head design of the pulling eyes afford the user superior holding power with the fastest & easiest installation available. Using an impact driver to install the Pulling Carrots into microduct allows preset torque installation limits to be met. This helps avoid costly splitting by over threading or worse, not achieving the desired maximum thread bite, causing a pulling failure. This design eliminates the use of dangerous screwdrivers used as leverage to tighten or remove the pulling eye from the microduct. Each range taking Pulling Carrot has superior holding power due to the combination of the
hex head and the unique pitch of the Pulling Carrot’s thread.
An independent study showed a 75% reduction in installation time with a significant increase in holding power. When pulling multiple micro ducts, iTOOLco has the answer here too – implementing a staggered cable lanyard design that can accommodate up to 4 cables, with each duct pre-positioned at a staggered length.

Patent Pending


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