Bolt-on Wire Bar for MC Cart

The iTOOLco Bolt-on-Wire Bar™ was designed to fit on the MC Cart™, and hold the Cable Mate to prevent tangling MC coil and wire.  It also fits our Freedom Cart™.

  • Compatible with most wire carts
  • All-steel construction
  • Holds one 250′ coil of MC
  • Perfect for service trucks
  • Improves prefab process
  • Commercial or residential uses
  • Capable of holding hold:
    • (2) 250′ coil of MC (in conjunction with the Cable Mates)
    • (2) 12-1/2″ spools
    • (1) each of 250′ MC Coil and 12-1/2″ spool

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Bolt-on Wire Bar for MC Cart

Product Number: MCA02

Length: 11″

Height: 16″

Width: 2-1/4″”

Weight: 7 lb.


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