• Line SwivelsLine Swivels

    Line Swivels

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    iTOOLco Line Swivels prevent damage to the cable on wire pulls.  Quality tested to ensure optimum performance and reliability, iTOOLco Line Swivels combine a high safe working load with a compact design.

    • Helps eliminate winding and tangling of rope and cable during pull
    • Connects grip and pulling rope
    • Select the swivel with a maximum rated capacity that meets or exceeds the cable puller’s maximum pulling force
    • For cable pulling in overhead and underground applications
    • Easy on the rope
  • Pull Slick™ RopePull Slick™ Rope

    Pull Slick™ Rope – Wire Pulling Rope

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      • An innovative high-performance synthetic fiber wire pulling rope
      • High tensile strength: 39,000 lb.
      • 12 Strand single braided synthetic fiber
      • Pound for pound stronger than steel
      • Ultra-low stretch
      • 25% Reduction in coefficient of friction compared to traditional pulling ropes
      • 2/3 Lighter than traditional pulling rope
      • Need only one size rope (9/16″) for pulls up to 15,000 lb. pulls
      • Does not absorb water
      • Dual factory installed pulling eyes, one on either end
      • Lightweight
      • Abrasion resistance for less fray
      • Will not rot; no organics in rope
      • UV resistant

    We also carry Standard Pulling Rope.

  • Standard Wire Pulling RopeStandard Wire Pulling Rope

    Standard Wire Pulling Rope

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    iTOOLco’s Standard Wire Pulling Rope ranges in widths from 1/4″ to 7/8″ for cable or wire pulls.

    • Double braided for added strength
    • Rot and mildew resistant
    • Factory spliced eyes at both ends
    • Low stretch


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