• HandlesHandles

    Cable Puller & Jack Handles

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    iTOOLco carries replacement handles for cable pullers –  Cannon 6K , Cannon 10K – and Real Jacks.

  • Cannon 10K™ Puller KnucklesCannon 10K™ Puller Knuckles

    Cannon 10K™ Puller Knuckles

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    Upgrade your Cannon 10K Wire Puller Knuckles with the newest models. These super duty puller knuckles will perform on every wire pull.

  • Cannon 10K™ Wire Puller

    Cannon 10K™ Wire Puller

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    iTOOLco’s Cannon 10K* is the fastest and strongest wire puller available. This versatile cable puller is easy to maneuver, and can be changed quickly from side pulls to overhead or underground. The Cannon 10K is the only 10,000 lb. wire puller that can be attached to the receiver hitch on a truck.

    • 4 Speed dual capstan
    • 9′ & 18′ (per min.) on low speed, 20′ & 40′ on high speed
    • Self-contained – ready to pull
    • Quickly change from side pull to overhead, underground or truck hitch
    • No gang box of parts
    • Adjustable counter-balance for easy setup and a 15 lb. working weight
    • Pulls out 13 feet of extra wire
    • Universal adapter – the universal adapter sits on the conduit lock nut, fits a wide range of sizes, and often eliminates the need to use the conduit adapters on lighter pull
    • No anchoring required
    • Easily maneuvers into tight spaces
  • Cannon 12K™ Wire Puller

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    1. Cord Adapter

      Cord Adapter

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    2. Curb RollerCurb Roller

      Curb Roller by iTOOLco

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      Rounding curbs, edges, or pipes on wire pulls has never been easier.  With iTOOLco’s Curb Roller, wire rides on 5 bearinged rollers for a smooth feed.

      • Four 1/2″ mounting holes provided for any unique feeding situation
      • Perfect for many different pulling and feeding situations – curbs, manholes, in and out of electrical boxes
      • Will roll rope or wire over any edge
      • Five rollers with bearings makes rounding edges smooth and easy
      • Use on feeds around any sharp corner
      • Five roller design make the tool lighter than typical curb roller
      • Use with iTOOLco Real Jacks
      • Mounts over 2″ rigid pipe
    3. Draw StudsDraw Studs

      Draw Studs

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    4. Hanging SheaveHanging Sheave

      Hanging Sheave

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      iTOOLco's Hanging Sheave is the perfect tool for overhead wire pulls.   With an adjustable center sheave, the Hanging Sheave has a pulling radius that varies from 24″ to 36″.
      • Pinned steel yoke for easy removal
      • Steel frame for heavy wire pulls
      • Four bearings in each roller for much easier wire pulls
      • High impact nylon rollers won’t break

    5. Hitch PinsHitch Pins

      Hitch Pins for Cable Pullers

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      Hitch pins for iTOOLco cable pullers (Cannon 6K and Cannon 10K) and tools

    6. Jack Rack™Jack Rack™

      Jack Rack™ for iTOOLco Real Jacks

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      Transport multiple sets of Real Jacks jack stands & Real Axles easily.

      • Transport 5 Sets of Jacks and Axles at Once
      • Fits Through 30″ Doorways
      • Made From Sturdy US Steel
      • Convenient Fixed Handle for Hand Trucking About The Job Site
      • Heavy Duty Caster with Brakes
    7. Ratchet CuttersRatchet Cutters

      Ratchet Cutters for Cable Cutting

      5.00 out of 5

      • ACSR rated
      • Telescoping handles for added leverage
      • Cutting capacity of up to 1-3/4″ or 44mm
      • Large, comfortable grip
      • Includes handy carrying case
      • Blades have a 6 year limited warranty

    8. Real Big Jacks™ Jack StandsReal Big Jacks™ Jack Stands

      Real Big Jacks™ Jack Stands

      5.00 out of 5

      Real Big Jacks™ jack stands are an innovative way to transport and feed heavy spools of wire.

      • Holds up to 20,000 lb.
      • Made From US Steel
      • Axle Rides on 4 Large Bearing-ed Rollers
      • Feed From your Own Trailer
      • Transport Spools up to 10,000 lb. Without a Fork Lift (20,000 lb. with a fork lift)
      • Telescoping to Fit Different Width Spools
      • Load and Reload Without a Forklift
      • Easily Maneuver Spools Into Position

      Axles sold separately.


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