Knoxville, TN (October 22, 2018) – iTOOLco is proud to announce another new innovation was awarded at Showstopper Award at the National Electrical Contractors Association trade show and conference in Philadelphia, PA.  The Swivel Lifting Coupling was among the 22 winners of the NECA Showstopper Awards announced during the show on October, 2, 2018. The winners were selected from more than 100 submissions by a panel of expert judges who made their decisions based on their potential utility on the job.  Many factors were considered, including safety, their utility on the job, and the degree to which it will help employees.

The Swivel Lifting Coupling makes it possible to safely lift and install heavy conduit with ease. The unique design features a built in lifting eye to provide a convenient rigging location. The Swivel Lifting Coupling keeps conduit in a level position for threading pipe together for final assembly. Kits available or sold individually in five sizes ranging from 3” to 6”.