iTOOLco is proud to announce that its All Jack was awarded at Showstopper Award at the National Electrical Contractors Association trade show and conference. The show, which caters to electrical contractors, and electrical distributors, offers a place for industry professionals to convene each year so they can stay ahead of the industry landscape and prepare for the future of the electrical construction industry. 

The All Jack™ was designed to increase productivity and decrease fatigue when installing pipe, lights, cabinets, drywall, temporary dust barriers and much more. This innovative jack lifts and supports the weight of your workpiece while you anchor it into position.

High ceilings and ladder work are not a problem for this dynamic tool.  Reach from 58” to a staggering height of 13’6”. The industrial gas shock ensures a snug, stable support that stays in place while you complete the installation. Once your workpiece is secured into place, simply remove the All Jack™ by releasing the shock.  More powerful than a typical support pole, the All Jack’s gas shock can handle your most challenging jobs

The annual Showstopper Showcase at the NECA Convention and Trade Show highlights the newest products and services on the market. The Showcase opens one hour before the Trade Show every day to give attendees a chance to explore and try the newest products available, while a panel of anonymous, expert judges determine the winners on a variety of factors. The entries, from small manufacturers and large corporations, were diverse and innovative. The winners, which for the past 15-plus years have been presented by Electrical Contractor magazine, will be featured in the publication’s January 2021 issue.