One of the toughest challenges on the job site is maintaining the integrity of your wire pulling rope. While safe and efficient pulls are reliant on durable rope with stable tensile strength, we often see substandard pulling rope in use when we’re out in the field with contractors.

When in service, rope loses strength and work capability. As rope ages, it deteriorates — stretching and fraying due to fatigue and improper care.

More importantly, using inferior rope can cost electrical contractors thousands in dealing with mid-pull breaks that reduce productivity and stall wire pulls. If you want to preserve the integrity of your pulling rope for as long as possible, follow these simple tips:

When not in use, keep reels clean, dry, well ventilated, and covered. Coverings should prevent water ingress but should allow for airflow around the rope. Generally, stock should be controlled to facilitate the use of the oldest rope first.

Ropes removed from storage should be thoroughly examined prior to being put into service. Spooling ropes regularly from one spool to another will give you the opportunity to closely inspect the entire length for evidence of deterioration and weakness.

As you inspect your pulling rope, take time to measure it. With a permanent marker, write the length and date it was checked on the side of the spool. Nothing is more frustrating and inconvenient than thinking you have a 600′ rope only to find out it has been cut down to 450′.

Using the same pulling end time after time puts excessive strain on rope. Regularly change the exposed pulling end to reverse the direction of pulling force and extend the life of your rope.

When you begin to see signs of corrosion such as fuzzy or fraying strands, elongation, or a reduction in diameter, your rope is already losing integrity and should be replaced immediately.

Rope that is worn out, overloaded, misused, damaged or improperly maintained will fail. Taking the simple steps outlined above will help you avoid costly pulling breaks during your wire pulling jobs.

Using the iTOOLco Real Tender can help you with this task. Designed with rope preservation in mind, the Real Tender is perfect for spooling and unspooling. It can handle loads up to 300lbs and spools ranging in size 12” to 32″ in diameter. With an axleless design and hand trucking capabilities, the Real Tender allows for easy rope inspection in minutes and smooth transportation of heavy spools.

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