Cannon 6K™ Cable Puller

Cannon 6K™ Cable Puller

Product Number: C6K

The Cannon 6K is two wire pullers in one with dual capstans that can pull 8′ and 28′ per minute on low speed and 20′ and 70′ feet per minute on high speed.  This versatile wire puller is lightweight and easy to transport, making it the puller of choice for many electrical contractors and electricians.


  • 4 Speed dual capstan
  • 8′ & 28′ (per min.) on low speed, 20′ & 70′ on high speed
  • Self contained – ready to pull
  • Quickly change from side pull to overhead, underground or truck hitch
  • No gang box of parts
  • Adjustable counter-balance for easy setup
  • Pulls out 9 feet of extra wire
  • Universal adapter


  • No anchoring required
  • Easy to transport
  • Ergonomic cart
  • Telescoping
  • User stands to the side during pulls
  • Easily maneuvers into tight spaces
  • Length (fully extended) 10′
  • Width 22″


  • Open front conduit adapters allow for easy removal at the end of the pull
  • Super duty puller will perform on every wire pull
  • No disassembly, fully self-contained
  • Pivoting arm for easy rope access on overhead applications
  • Collapsible – stores and transports easily
  • Interchangeable components for adaptability on the job site
  • Recommended low stretch pulling rope size 1/2″  or 7/8″, Minimum breaking strength 15,000 lb.


  • Cannon 6k™ cable puller only 115 lbs (total weight 163 lbs. including cart)
  • Universal adapter – for loads under 5,000 lb.
  • 5 Conduit adapters sizes 2″ through 4″ (5″ & 6″ available)
  • Foot switch (UL listed)


  • Pull Rope designed for faster wire pulling

NOTE: Patented US 9172224 B2