The Only Dual Capstan Variable Speed 10,000 LB Wire Puller Now Available

IToolco’s Cannon 10K Manufactured in Knoxville, TN
Knoxville, TN., The first to utilize a dual capstan design, the Cannon 10K can pull from 9’ to 18’ per minute on low, and from 20’ to 40’ per minute on high, making it the fastest and strongest wire puller on the market. This versatile puller is easy to maneuver, and can be changed quickly from side pulls to overhead or underground.“I have used the Maxis puller and the Greenlee tugger, and I like this a lot better. It is much lighter, you don’t have to break your back moving it around.” said Travis of Massey Electric in Knoxville, TN, after using the IToolco Cannon 10K on a wire pull. The Cannon is the only 10,000 lb. wire puller that can be attached to the receiver hitch on a truck. The user stands safely to the side during pulls, and can use the available Pull-Comms for hands-free 2-way communication in noisy environments. IToolco is committed  to making only the highest quality, innovative products, designed by electricians for electricians.

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