Rope Handling Made Easy At Last!

Knoxville, TN., What is the easiest way to manage your wire pulling rope on a jobsite? The design team at IToolco has come up with a faster, safer and smarter way to carry and use rope spools – their one of a kind Rope Tender!

Lightweight and easy for one person to maneuver, the IToolco Rope Tender prevents injuries from lifting and carrying heavy rope, and makes unspooling and rewinding faster than ever. You can now protect your investment in expensive rope by keeping it dry and out of moldy buckets. The Rope Tender can also be used with multi-conductor cable. With a 300 lb. capacity, it can carry spools from 12” to 35” wide, and 12” to 32” diameters. There is also a handy carrying spot for the IToolco Real Jacks right on the Rope Tender. Making material handling easier and safer is part of the commitment David and Michael Jordan have to bringing electricians quality products that will help them save time and money by working smarter.

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