Don’t Lose Money on Material Handling

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It is estimated that up to 80% of labor on an electrical construction job site is spent on material handling and yet many contractors fail to account for this time in their bids.

To prevent lost revenue, be sure to include labor units for the following when you are preparing your next bid:

Getting pipe, boxes, fittings, and light fixtures to the job site takes up precious time.

To cut down on congestion, larger cities often require scheduled deliveries of materials to the construction trailer – adding headache and taking time away from an already rushed job.

A disorganized storage location can cause hours of unnecessary searching for materials and in worst case scenarios can require duplicate orders of materials if supplies go undiscovered.

Many construction sites are large and busy with activity. Getting materials from the storage center to the point of installation is time that should be accounted for.

Getting materials out of the original packaging and onto carts is time-consuming.

Proper disposal of used shipping containers, empty spools, and other trash should also be accounted for.

Another tip for saving time and money is using the iTOOLco Freedom Cart, which was designed specifically to cut some of these material handling costs. Whether your application is prefabbing or on the job site, the Freedom Cart is a multipurpose cart that satisfies many needs.

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