3 Ways to Improve Safety When Moving Large Spools

Real Big Jacks Improve Safety

Every electrical contractor knows safety is a primary concern when moving and handling heavy wire spools around the construction job site.  Wire pulls can go horribly wrong if proper planning and preparation isn’t done ahead of time and if precautions aren’t taken on the job.

As former electrical contractors, we have experience handling heavy spools. We’re in the field daily meeting with electricians and contractors.  We’ve seen a lot of examples of the right and wrong ways to handle wire and offer these tips for safely managing spools over 5,000 lbs.

1. Place spools on level surfaces. 

Do not try to roll the spool on an uneven surface.  The spool could start to roll and at 5,000 lbs. could get away from you causing damage or injury.

2. Always chock the spool when storing.

Securing the spool with a wedge will prevent it from moving or rolling away from you.

3. Always use the proper equipment to maneuver spools.

Forklifts or cranes are the safest way to transport wire to and on the job. Properly sized jacks are critical for ensuring heavy spools don’t break loose and cause injury.

You can reduce the likelihood of job site accidents by taking a few precautions. If you’re looking for a jack that can make easy work of managing large wire spools, we invite you to check out iTOOLco’s Real Big Jacks™.  Solving many problems associated with handling heavy spools, Real Big Jacks feature fork slots for easy lifting and movement about the site and can accommodate up to an 8′ tall 6′ wide spool weighing 20,000 lbs.

Real Big Jacks feature a uniquely patent pending design that allows even these heavy spools to spin easily without the aid of a power feeding unit. Whether you are feeding high voltage cable or pulling wire in cable tray, iTOOLco Real Big Jacks can solve many job site problems.

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